These photographs represent my most recent work. On, you’ll find a broad selection of images from my travels worldwide. You can book me as a wedding photographer or family portrait photographer. Please bear in mind, I will be in a wheelchair.

Dealing with Ataxia, I won’t be as fast as some photographers, but my eye for a good image is perfect. I have college training in photography and have worked professionally as a photographer on a number of luxury cruise ships, including shadowing the ship’s wedding photographer.

If you like what you see and are interested in booking me as a photographer, send me an email. Tell me what you want from the shoot and let’s start a dialogue to create the perfect shoot for you.

Wedding Photoshoot: £470 for the day. (7am till 9pm)
General Photoshoot: £40 for an hour (depending on job)

I also have experience of video shoots, so I can also offer video capabilities for your events.


Carl Rooney
m: 07708 778127